Everything Should Be Made As Simple As Possible But Never Simpler
— Albert Einstein

At Cerebrum Systems Ltd, the main objective is to give you a simple yet effective Smart Home System. We are experts in home automation and smart home system design and are hugely experienced in the planning and installation of multi-room audio systems, home cinemas, lighting control, smart home security, and heating control. All of these services are connected over a robust, secure and fast flowing home network.

We specialise mainly in residential houses to multi dwelling units, show apartments & hotels. We work closely with clients, developers & suppliers to provide a close working relationship that will give you the bespoke specification you are looking for in your project.

Predicting Technology moving forward is almost impossible, as it is ever growing throughout the industry of AV & Home Automation. However, at Cerebrum Systems, we can keep you up to date with the latest technology moving forward, to make you understand that even though you may not know what the future will be, we can put the infrastructure in place to allow you to make the future happen.