Wall Mounted Televisions & Soundbars

Unsightly cabling and wiring is a thing of the past; televisions can now be mounted directly onto the wall with none of the infrastructure visible. This trend, or even innovation, has evolved from home technology professionals working alongside the interior design community and delivering home cinema installations that are functional, comfortable, and most of all engaging. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver these kinds of rooms to our customers.


Smart Home Multi-Room Audio Distribution

Whilst televisions and Home Cinema can take you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, what about when you’re doing things in the home but want to be entertained whilst you’re doing it? This is when music becomes the soundtrack to our daily lives and is delivered by a home audio system. We look at various different Home Audio solutions available for different occasions and times of the day. Speakers can either be in wall, in ceiling mounted and even invisible options are available! Control can be by your smart phone, iPad, touch screen or system remote.