Control4 entertainment solutions create the ultimate audiovisual experience in one room or every room, no matter the size of your home. Have technology disappear and interact via an easy-to-use, intuitive Control4 interface such as a hand-held remote, phone, or even your voice.

Control4 automation solutions make you the true master of your house. Easily and intelligently control every aspect of your house from lights, security, climate control, home theatre, music and more, even if you are miles away. Or let things happen automatically. Music can stream throughout the house from any source. When it's game time, have the lights dim, the shades lower and the TV tune to the right input with one tap. Your secutiry arms automatically as the lights go out the minute everyone's safe in bed. It's that simple and fully customisable for any home.

Triad Speakers


World-class audio performance in every room in your home with no compromise. Every speaker is engineered using the finest materials and components to deliver exceptional audio. Seamless acoustic performance whether the speaker is on-wall, in-ceiling, in-room, or outdoors. Triad speakers are also built-to-order, so you don't have to compromise style.


This new update gives you a fresh new interface & more than a thousand enhancements. You can personalise and organise your smart home OS with favorite rooms, devices, and scenes and organize them to your liking. With swipes and taps, more quickly and easily navigate and control your smart home. Even add customised wallpaper backgrounds in each of the rooms to make them more distinct or to match your interior décor. Contact us at Cerebrum Systems via email or phone by clicking on our page!