Smart Home Lighting Solutions

Creating mood lighting scenes in a home for individuals or families is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the smart lighting installations we create. By understanding the bespoke timings of what happens at different points in the day, we are able to make the home smarter than simple on/off instructions and tailor the installation to meet our customers' needs and requirements. The control of the lighting system from anywhere is also one of the benefits our customers talk about the most, especially for people who spend a lot of time away from their properties through either work or holiday.

Creating Lighting Scenes

By being able to adjust temperatures and brightness, it’s now possible to create specific mood lighting “scenes” for different social events. You may want to have a soft romantic scene for a dinner setting or, through the use of colour bulbs, create a themed light setting for a Halloween party. The concept of lighting scenes allows us to move away from an on/off switch to creating bespoke configurations for exactly how we live our lives.

Energy Savings

Sustainability is also a very important consideration when it comes to smart home lighting since all of the products that we install are LED illuminations. Incandescent bulbs would emit most energy through heat dissipation and only a very small percentage would be for the actual light. This was a huge waste of energy and contributed to unsustainable modern day energy consumption. Thankfully now, we have far more energy efficient light bulbs that also last a lot longer than the previous technologies.

We use some of the most advanced lighting systems currently available on the market. Our intelligent lighting systems offer unrivalled control. Each will have several “scenes” available from single button press, each scene can turn on a different set of lights and adjust their individual levels to suit the mood perfectly.