RA2 Select

Retrofit the Lutron RA2 Select into any room in the home. Simply by following this image above, you can transform any room into a smart home. Simple scene setting in this room will create different moods within the house. Whether you are cooking, getting ready to sit down and watch a film, or entertaining friends and family, there is a scene for every occasion.

With Lutron's RA2 Select Bridge, you can connect the system to your smart device and control the home when you are away on holiday. With 'Geofencing' enables, the lighting could come on when you are on your way home by tracking your distance and turn on your porch or driveway lighting.


(Left) This is the Lutron Pico Double keypad, which sits into a standard single UK back box with the stainless steel surround. A scene keypad and audio keypad controls lights and audio.

(Right) A general scene layout, for when cooking, dining, or just want bright lighting.