Site visit near home

A new project in Suffolk very close to our office. Our Procurements Director visited the site, where we will be installing automated Silent Gliss blinds. A challenge we’re looking forward to with all those irregular shapes!

It’s always nice to work so close to the office.

Silent Gliss

Cerebrum Systems visited Silent Gliss’ Design Centre in London last Thursday, enjoying a lovely day weather-wise (would you look at that sky…)! Silent Gliss are world leaders in technology and innovation for automatic, silent blind systems. The systems are bespoke to your requirements, and combine cutting-edge technology with beautiful fabrics to truly add to your decor. In this company, fashion and function truly does go hand in hand.

Also, their logo is a cat. We like cats.

For more information on Silent Gliss and the options available, give Cerebrum Systems a call on 01473 599 089.

How lighting enhances design


Often, when I think about bad lighting design, I remember my time at university. Both halls and the houses we rented afterwards had the same standard, basic light fittings that resulted in frankly a very dreary room. Half of the bulbs didn’t have shades, and flickered constantly. The resulting aesthetic was something between horror movie and badly done industrial. I don’t think it was intentional.

I’m sure everyone remembers that from their own time at university (or those lights that always flickered at school? Why was nobody fixing them?) and it’s always a pleasant surprise when lighting is done right. Especially as it can be done in a way that enhances the architecture and fittings.

Pinterest, and other such sites, are a great way to get ideas, but they never have instruction manuals, and mistakes in lighting design can end up quite costly. Therefore, if you’re looking at your lighting and thinking ‘This could be so much better’, give Cerebrum Systems a call on 01473 599 089 to see what could be fitted into your home, and your options for making it smart and more ecofriendly.

Site visit

A future stunning 3-storey home in its bare-boned state sighted in Hampstead… very strange to look at, but the blank canvas is exciting. There is nothing better than seeing a home come together and to be there every step of the way.

Our Technical Director visited the site recently. We at Cerebrum Systems are very excited to show you the progress of this property!

Working in historical buildings

Arguably the best part of working in such historical places around London (except maybe the diversity in restaurants?), details like this! Not your typical serviceperson’s lift, huh? What are your favourite things about working in historical buildings?

Show apartments

Show apartments are a great opportunity to see how technology integrates with a mock-living environment. With this in mind, Cerebrum Systems visits show apartments as much as possible before taking on a new supplier. It’s also fantastic for getting ideas on how to work around complex spaces. Cerebrum Systems works on a wide range of properties for clients from all over the globe, and having a lot of potential ideas to suit all tastes is ultimately better for you, the client.

Also, aren’t those pendant lights great?

LED lighting is something we can offer, and using red, green and blue LEDs gives you a fantastic range of potential colours for all moods, and can bring a non-permanent splash of colour when you want it.

For more information about these LED lights, give Cerebrum Systems a call today on 01473 599 089.

Site visit

A site visit to Westminster is always a joy, and it’s particularly nice to see the progress other site workers have made in the meantime. These flats are really coming together to be a wonderful place to live, with such a great location and stunning city views.

No home is complete without a great sound system and lighting control, in our opinion. Call Cerebrum Systems today on 01473 599 089 to discuss what the options are to bring this into your home.

Built-It Live

A great time on Saturday in Bicester at the Build It Live show! Lots of great companies showcasing their wonderful work and plenty of people with great projects in the works hoping to integrate some smart technology. Remember that a smart home is no longer a pipe dream for the masses; simple lighting and heating control can be linked to an app on your smartphone, or via voice control with Alexa to improve your carbon footprint. Call Cerebrum Systems on 01473 599 089 to find out more!

Lighting and well-being: what is the link?

Good design is about more than having bragging rights. These days, design is about creating a refuge from the stresses of everyday life. Neuroscience is continuously finding links between physical and mental wellbeing, and the design of the home and workplace. Everything from ventilation to lighting to smart products impacts on wellbeing.

Chronobiological studies (the study of biological rhythms) have found more and more on how bad lighting design can impact these rhythms. We now, as a nation, receive too little sunlight during the day, and too much artificial light during the night (Wirz-Justice, 2010). This very recent change has happened too suddenly for our bodies and mental wellbeing to cope, and a disrupted circadian rhythm can impact on everyone from sufferers of Alzheimer’s and their carers (and is a leading cause in institutionalisation) (Wulff et al, 2010), increasing the risk of schizophrenia (Wulff et al, 2012), and increasing the risk of cancer (Savvidis and Koutsilieris, 2012).

So what can you do to stop disrupting your circadian rhythms? For one, spend more time outside, or in natural light. And at Cerebrum Systems we can give you control of your lighting and your blinds. By having even basic lighting and blind control, with a simple tap of a button on your phone, you can open all the blinds to let the natural light come flooding in in the morning, and switch off unnatural light, close blinds and switch off unnatural lights at night.

For more information on home automation and how it can suit your lifestyle, call Cerebrum Systems on 01473 599 089.

Networking events are a business owner's best friend

A very rainy day in London yesterday for a developers’ networking event near Tower Bridge. Great to see old friends and make new acquaintances! We always love the energy of networking events, and meeting people face-to-face gives you a much better idea of whether you can work together effectively.

Remember that our technical director will be at the Build It Live show in Bicester tomorrow representing CEDIA, ready to answer all your questions about home automation solutions!

Control4 Smart Home OS 3: The New Standard

An interface that reflects the sophistication and capabilities of your home, OS3 is built with you, the customer, in mind. It is specifically designed to unify hundreds of connected devices within the home, control them all from a single platform and deliver the personalisation you have been requesting. Organise favourite rooms, devices, and scenes to enrich your entertainment experience.

OS 3 has been optimised for the modern smart home, no matter what device is being used. Incorporating over 1,000 features and enhancements, it has been thoughtfully redesigned to be the system of choice for your connected home.

With a new active media bar, new lighting controls, new sessions screen, updated security and comfort interfaces, all ergonomically designed, what are you waiting for to connect your home? Call Cerebrum Systems on 01473 599 089 today for more information.

Build It Live

Projects are moving forward at Cerebrum! We have a few new phases and first fixes coming soon, keeping our Technical Director busy after running at the London Marathon.

As well as projects moving forwards, we are delighted to say that we have been asked to join the advice clinic to represent CEDIA at Built It Live in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Kieron will be there on the 8th June to answer any questions about the benefits of Home Automation, the best audiovisual products for your budget, and how to improve your WiFi.

The whole team is hoping to be there.

Hope to see a lot of you!


The Affordable Smart Home Series: Lighting Control

Truth or myth: the process of making your home into a Smart Home has to be expensive.

Of course, it can be expensive. We’ve all seen the pictures and videos of the multi-million pound homes in London. But like anything, there are many affordable options out there if you know where to look, and hire the right company to set it up. Over the next couple of weeks, Cerebrum Systems will show you a few affordable ways to make your home more efficient, much smarter, and make you feel a bit like Captain Kirk on the Enterprise.

Climate change is a hot topic for everyone, with good reason. Everyone is finding ways to cut down on their own emissions without compromising on their lifestyle, but often it seems impossible.

But what if I told you there was a way to help cut your energy usage in your home, or your office, and not compromise on amenities to which you have become accustomed?

Often, when ‘Lutron’ is mentioned, people see high-end, super-high-tech, (and super-expensive). However, like most companies, they have an affordable option which is not quite as well known because it isn’t quite as flashy and doesn’t look as good on social media.

It’s functional, though. And that’s the most important part.

By automating the main living areas of the house, you can slowly start integrating smart living into your home. The important rooms to automate are kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. You can set a certain brightness for working at a computer, for entertaining friends, for watching your favourite films.

And now for the eco-friendly side. With a standard on-off switch, you have the choice of 100% or 0% brightness. However, with the dimmers you have all the choice. Keep your lighting at 90% instead of 100% and visually you won’t notice a difference, but your energy savings will.

Cerebrum Systems offers an installation and programming service for Lutron products. If you would like more information, call 01473 599 089.

Quay Street wins an award

We are delighted to announce that one of our projects on Quay Street has won an award for craftsmanship from RIBA, including an honourable mention for Cerebrum Systems at the awards ceremony. This project consists of a Control4 system, controlling the heating, lighting, security door entry, audio and visual around the property.

We’ll be continuing to help deliver excellent, liveable homes. Here’s to many more awards for our projects!

Cerebrum Systems recommends: RA2 Select

Cerebrum Systems recommends the RA2 Select.

With the RA2 Select, you can enjoy personalised smart lighting and shade control for any home and any budget. Added convenience. More comfort. Enhanced peace of mind. Staying in control of your home, even when you're not there.

Add personalised scenes to control multiple lights and shades together at the touch of a button. Create a “movie” scene that dims lights and lowers shades as the movie begins. Or create a “goodnight” scene that turns off all your lights and closes shades before you drift off to sleep.

Schedule lights and shades to adjust automatically at set times of day. Turn on your porch light at sunset and turn it off at sunrise. Turn lights on to a soft level and slightly raise shades every morning as you head into the kitchen for coffee.

The geofencing feature controls lights based on your location. Maybe you always leave the entryway lights on as you head out the door in the morning? Geofencing will turn them off for you once you’re out the door. It can also turn lights on for you when you come home.

Look like you’re home, even when you’re not.
The Smart Away feature randomly turns lights on and off during the evening when you’re not home. You can manually trigger this feature in the app at your convenience or automatically trigger it if geofencing is turned on. You can also trigger Smart Away using the Nest Home/Away Assist feature.

Control from anywhere
Control lights, shades and temperature in the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world – the office, the airport, the beach – so lights aren’t left on or shades aren’t left open when you’re away.

For more information on the RA2 Select and how it can suit your lifestyle, call Cerebrum Systems on 01473 599 089.


The Affordable Smart Home Series: Your Network

Truth or myth: the process of making your home into a Smart Home has to be expensive.

Of course, it can be expensive. We’ve all seen the pictures and videos of the multi-million pound homes in London. But like anything, there are many affordable options out there if you know where to look, and hire the right company to set it up. Over the next couple of weeks, Cerebrum Systems will show you a few affordable ways to make your home more efficient, much smarter, and make you feel a bit like Captain Kirk on the Enterprise.

We’ve all been there. You’re watching an amazing film on Netflix. Annie Wilkes is pulling into the driveway and Paul is still dragging his way across the kitchen floor. You’re on the edge of your seat, watching through your fingers as he finally manages to get to his wheelchair. And...the film stops to buffer.

Infuriating. But thankfully, an easy fix.

The first thing to consider is your network. As you have probably noticed, every household is now a multi-device household. Laptops, phones, smart TVs, Alexa, Kindle, gaming systems...they all take up bandwidth. Everyone streaming Netflix, Now TV, and Amazon Prime takes up bandwidth. And nothing is worse than that little circle going round...and round…and round…

Many people try to fix this by buying a network extender. This seems like a quick, easy fix. You buy it yourself, you plug it in yourself, and enjoy the benefits of a seamless, buffer-less network!!

This may work in a home with very few WiFi devices, but any modern family has a lot of WiFi devices. Put simply, an extender has to communicate two ways in taking the router signal, and expelling the router signal. This effectively halves the signal that can be used by your device. A download speed of 20mbps when you’re sat next to your router drops to 10mbps when sat next to the extender. That’s a big increase in that dreaded little circle! To make things worse, if the extender is not placed close enough to the router, then it can drop the signal.

A Wireless Access Point, though slightly more expensive than a Range Extender, does what it says on the tin. Larger family homes with many devices benefit by connecting to it as a hotspot. It works with the router to create a seamless wireless network, minimising drop outs and loss of performance.

At Cerebrum Systems, we can improve your network quickly, easily and (most importantly) keeping it affordable. Call 01473 599 089 to talk to someone about your network issues and how we can help you avoid the dreaded buffer.

New Lutron Blinds for the Office

New Lutron shades for the office (and a very rainy day outside)!

Sivoia QS Triathlon is fashionable, flexible and affordable. This battery-powered motorised system offers easy maintenance and is perfect for retrofit applications. The shades are controlled at the touch of a button.

The Sivoia QS Triathlon shades are available as a standalone solution or can be integrated into a Lutron lighting control system.

For more information about how Lutron systems can benefit your lifestyle, give Cerebrum Systems a call on 01473 599 089.

Congratulations to our competition winner!

Andrew King at King’s Coffee House in Ipswich - highly recommend the brownies!

Andrew King at King’s Coffee House in Ipswich - highly recommend the brownies!

Congratulations to Andrew King who won a SONOS One after guessing that our Technical Director would finish the marathon in 5 hours and 2 minutes, only 29 seconds off his finishing time of 5 hours, 2 minutes, and 29 seconds!

Don’t forget that you can still donate to the fundraising page to support the families of those suffering from Dementia here -

To find out more about SONOS products and how they can enhance your AV experience, give us a call on 01473 599 089.

New Project at Westminster

Cerebrum Systems was in Westminster yesterday having a look around one of our latest projects. This multidwelling will have RAKO lighting and Q-Acoustic speakers throughout.

The apartments are coming together wonderfully, and as you can see there are great views over Westminster.

The show apartment will be opened shortly and we are looking forward to seeing the finished product!