Artcoustic Speakers: Create Your Sound Space


At the ISE show in Amsterdam, Cerebrum Systems Ltd met up with Artcoustic.

Artcoustic has made a name for itself by its unwavering attention to detail and true passion for sound at the best it can possibly be heard.

To create these exceptional speakers perfect components, great workmanship, and intricate attention to detail is essential. Artcoustic uses only the highest quality components put together by hand--no robots in this line! Only the highest quality leaves the factory, deserving of the Artcoustic name. The result is a range of speakers that stand with the greats.

The vast, adaptable range allows for the right technician to create a perfect sound for any space, whether a small room to listen to music, or a state of the art cinema, or a commercial set-up. Amazingly, all this can be done with no loss in sound quality (with the right, experienced technician!).

Artcoustic’s innovative designs also means that your meticulously planned and masterfully crafted interiors aren’t blighted by unattractive speakers. Either you can make a statement by printing artwork on the speaker, make use of the Danish-inspired design, or blend it seamlessly by matching the colour of the wall.

Artcoustic takes care of the quality performance, Cerebrum Systems takes care of the masterful placement for optimal sound, and you take care of the design, making it personal to you.

To create your sound space and experience sound as it was meant to be experienced, give Cerebrum Systems a call on 01473 599 089.