The Affordable Smart Home Series: Lighting Control

Truth or myth: the process of making your home into a Smart Home has to be expensive.

Of course, it can be expensive. We’ve all seen the pictures and videos of the multi-million pound homes in London. But like anything, there are many affordable options out there if you know where to look, and hire the right company to set it up. Over the next couple of weeks, Cerebrum Systems will show you a few affordable ways to make your home more efficient, much smarter, and make you feel a bit like Captain Kirk on the Enterprise.

Climate change is a hot topic for everyone, with good reason. Everyone is finding ways to cut down on their own emissions without compromising on their lifestyle, but often it seems impossible.

But what if I told you there was a way to help cut your energy usage in your home, or your office, and not compromise on amenities to which you have become accustomed?

Often, when ‘Lutron’ is mentioned, people see high-end, super-high-tech, (and super-expensive). However, like most companies, they have an affordable option which is not quite as well known because it isn’t quite as flashy and doesn’t look as good on social media.

It’s functional, though. And that’s the most important part.

By automating the main living areas of the house, you can slowly start integrating smart living into your home. The important rooms to automate are kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. You can set a certain brightness for working at a computer, for entertaining friends, for watching your favourite films.

And now for the eco-friendly side. With a standard on-off switch, you have the choice of 100% or 0% brightness. However, with the dimmers you have all the choice. Keep your lighting at 90% instead of 100% and visually you won’t notice a difference, but your energy savings will.

Cerebrum Systems offers an installation and programming service for Lutron products. If you would like more information, call 01473 599 089.