Lighting and well-being: what is the link?

Good design is about more than having bragging rights. These days, design is about creating a refuge from the stresses of everyday life. Neuroscience is continuously finding links between physical and mental wellbeing, and the design of the home and workplace. Everything from ventilation to lighting to smart products impacts on wellbeing.

Chronobiological studies (the study of biological rhythms) have found more and more on how bad lighting design can impact these rhythms. We now, as a nation, receive too little sunlight during the day, and too much artificial light during the night (Wirz-Justice, 2010). This very recent change has happened too suddenly for our bodies and mental wellbeing to cope, and a disrupted circadian rhythm can impact on everyone from sufferers of Alzheimer’s and their carers (and is a leading cause in institutionalisation) (Wulff et al, 2010), increasing the risk of schizophrenia (Wulff et al, 2012), and increasing the risk of cancer (Savvidis and Koutsilieris, 2012).

So what can you do to stop disrupting your circadian rhythms? For one, spend more time outside, or in natural light. And at Cerebrum Systems we can give you control of your lighting and your blinds. By having even basic lighting and blind control, with a simple tap of a button on your phone, you can open all the blinds to let the natural light come flooding in in the morning, and switch off unnatural light, close blinds and switch off unnatural lights at night.

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