How lighting enhances design


Often, when I think about bad lighting design, I remember my time at university. Both halls and the houses we rented afterwards had the same standard, basic light fittings that resulted in frankly a very dreary room. Half of the bulbs didn’t have shades, and flickered constantly. The resulting aesthetic was something between horror movie and badly done industrial. I don’t think it was intentional.

I’m sure everyone remembers that from their own time at university (or those lights that always flickered at school? Why was nobody fixing them?) and it’s always a pleasant surprise when lighting is done right. Especially as it can be done in a way that enhances the architecture and fittings.

Pinterest, and other such sites, are a great way to get ideas, but they never have instruction manuals, and mistakes in lighting design can end up quite costly. Therefore, if you’re looking at your lighting and thinking ‘This could be so much better’, give Cerebrum Systems a call on 01473 599 089 to see what could be fitted into your home, and your options for making it smart and more ecofriendly.