Lutron - a fixture since the 1950s


When thinking about lighting control, the name at the front of most peoples’ minds would be Lutron.

This is understandable; having been set up after a simple yet ingenious idea made dimmers a fixture in many households, the company has only increased in momentum and products since the 1950s.

Precise control of lighting can result in increased productivity, saving energy, and improving safety and security. Lutron can manipulate lights and blinds when you are away to give the impression that someone is home to deter burglars. Light brightness can be optimised for everything from cooking and reading, to doing paperwork and watching TV, and set up with ‘scenes’. Even the biggest technophobe will be pleasantly surprised by the ease; press a button and the lights and blinds will change.

As well as being a useful invention, the name ‘Lutron’ is a good, established and trustworthy name to improve your prospects when selling a property, making it a good investment for the future.

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Ring doorbell could help your small business save money and time

Question for sole traders and small business owners: How much have missed deliveries cost your business in the past couple of years?

According to IMRG, the collective cost of missed deliveries is £1.6bn a year (IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review, 2016).

The cost is not just tied into the price of the item and the carriage cost. How often have you missed a delivery which was essential to a job you had planned for the next day? Or more annoying, how often have couriers have insisted that something was delivered and you had no way to prove that no delivery was attempted?

The impact of missed deliveries is not only constrained to your own business, however. Research suggests that there is also an environmental impact, due to the simple fact that the item has to be returned to a warehouse, redelivered (and possibly missed again), and finally picked up by the consumer themselves, using more petrol, and more of your own precious time! (Edwards et al, 2009)

With a Ring doorbell, you can watch over your home or workplace in 1080HD video, and with the 2-way talk let couriers know where they can leave a package, whether with a neighbour or in a safe place. You are instantly alerted when there is movement within the camera’s range.

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IMRG UK Consumer Home Delivery Review, (2016) [Last Accessed 17/04/2019]