Smart Home Security

Smart home security is something that we take very seriously at Cerebrum Systems and we ensure that every project we work on has some element of security installed since we know how much our customers value this. Due to many of the newer smart home security cameras being WiFi enabled and at a price point achievable to all, there is no reason why every home shouldn’t have some form of a home security system and protect your valuables and possessions in your home. 

Wireless Smart Home Security

Cerebrum Systems have seen the adoption of video camera doorbells as an addition to smart home security measures. These work in the same way as a video camera but have the added feature of having a built in microphone to allow for two-way dialogue when someone is in close proximity to the doorbell. This allows a brief discussion with whoever is in front of the camera irrespective of if they have pressed the doorbell or not.  

Ring doorbell - two way communication

Ring doorbell - two way communication